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e passionately believe that the best outcomes come from the best planning. That whole 'if you don't make plans to succeed then you actually plan to fail' thing. 


We know you want the best outcome for your family and you understand that means the best experiences for yourself too.

Occupational Therapy and Woman Centred Midwifery both understand the fundamental, evidence-based truth that to achieve the best outcome you need to be in the best place, surrounded  by the best people for the job.

The best person for the job of birthing is you, the birthing person.
The best place is where you feel most relaxed, most at home, most supported to be yourself. The best people to surround yourself with are people who believe in your capacity and strength to birth your baby 

We believe that choosing Your Dream Birth Squad is fundamental to achieving your goals.

Is a woman centred advocate for a 'hands off birth', unless assistance is needed. 

Trusts the innate intelligence of the physiological birthing process between birthing person and babe, and is trained to recognise when it's not going according to plan.

Is an expert in physiological emergency care. 

As an Endorsed Private Midwife, she carries 3 lines of prescribed medications to deal with emergencies as well as resus. equipment.

Most importantly is willing to provide rare emergency care to mother, birther and newborn whilst they remain connected. (An approach that is uncommon within an establishment yet has good evidence to back it).

Is an Occupational Therapist (OT) and Multi-Award Winning Birth Photographer - it still feels so bonkers saying that!

Knows, understands, and trusts the physiology of birth.

Can provide Occupational Therapy to prepare for labour, birth, and parenting.

Is also a documentary style story-teller who wholeheartedly believes that birth should be 'undisturbed and unobserved

Will willingly tell you she is not a ninja!
Knows that the best way to document your incredible journey is to be part of Your Dream Birth Squad. 

Will have your back and hold space for you whilst happening to have a camera in her hand.



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We can't wait to share a cuppa and hear where you're at. 

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