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e are Your Village Birth and Parenting Services and we are so excited to welcome you here.  

If you don't know who we are yet, head HERE to find out more about the Midwife/OT/Birth-Photographer-Super-Team on a mission to seed true community in our local community.

It's a marriage made in heaven... no, really! 



Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Neighbourhood - each one screams community, right? So why does Motherhood, Fatherhood, Parenthood quietly whisper isolation, and doing it alone?! 

This is not how it's supposed to be. Damn right it takes a village to raise a child. And to support their parents.

Let's do something about this.



Our vision is connection. We don't believe we can parent the way we intend to, in the ways that best empowers our children without our own support networks. 

At our meet-ups, you'll meet other birthing people, mothers, fathers, and parents, people with many children, grand-parents, and those who are yet to meet their babies.

There are people who have had homebirth, freebirth, hospital births, and caesareans, and those who have not birthed or are yet to birth. are grand-parents, and even young people. What we have in common is broad and vague but essentially boils down to an intention.

An intention to ask questions and make informed choices; about our health, births, parenting, well-being, and the community we immerse ourselves in.   

That's where the Your Village Monthly Meet-Ups come in.
As well as offering professional holistic care through Your Birth Midwifery and Your OT, we also want to offer an opportunity to make and deepen connections with a like-minded community.

Community in Nature with others seeking the same, what more could we want?

oes the loneliness of parenting in today's society resonate with you?


As part of our vision to foster an empowered, connected community of birthing people and their families, we have regular monthly meet-ups in rural Benalla.

We connect outside in the elements and soak in everything our natural world has to offer.

We build and light a fire to centre us and keep us warm (when the season allows). We share food and drinks and sometimes we even enjoy some sneaky marshmallows roasted by all the kids... big and small alike.

Our children can explore the trees and the bogs, the grasses and the mud and play games together freely without adult imposed age groupings.

They say hi to the goats and the alpacas...  but beware the grumpy sheep!


oz we won't know where to send the invite silly!

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